Dick Pics

The other day on twitter I spent most of the day talking about dick pics. I think after reading SexBlogOfSorts post Cock; Isn’t it hilarious? and HornyGeekGirl’s post Innocent Joy, I just had cocks on the brain.
The hive mind that is twitter started working and soon I wasn’t the only one talking about it. Juniper shared her old post The Cock Shot/Cock Shocks and EA_Unadorned wrote a post about his changed view on sending/sharing dick pics, here.

I had planned to blog about it myself that day but couldn’t come up with anything to say other than I like to receive dick pics. I know lots of women do not like them for one reason or another. I am definitely not one of them.

There is one condition on sending me a dick pic though, you must be someone I actually talk to and like, someone who has gained my consent and trust. I do not appreciate an unsolicited dick pic, I’m not sure of many women that do actually appreciate them.
Sometimes it’s nice if the picture sent has some context to it, even just an “I’m thinking about you right now” message. Other times its nice just to look at a nice cock and wonder exactly what the guy was thinking about.
Going back to HornyGeekGirl’s post, she says “there is magic in watching (and feeling) a cock go from soft to hard” and I couldn’t agree more with her.

Dick pics are good but they are just a snap shot, there’s no real life or action to them, receiving a dick video is so much different. The other day I was sent a snap chat video of a guys dick going from soft to hard and it is one of the sexiest things I’ve seen. There is something so fascinating about watching a soft relatively unassuming cock transform into something that stands hard, proud and beautiful. The fact that I was the one who helped make it happen is also a very big plus. However it does frustrate me that it only lasted 10 seconds and then was gone, I would of loved to have watched it again and again or even better to see it in real life.

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7 Responses to Dick Pics

  1. Oh Hell, yeah. That sounds like a great video. Stupid snapchat and the no save function.

    I want a video like that. Yummy. 😀

  2. i agree it is nicer with a context and not unsolicited…even though a picture is supposed to say 1000 words…

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