Friendship is rare

Have you ever wondered why someone is your friend?
Have you ever noticed that someone who you would call a friend isnt really acting like one?
To steal a thing from The Big Bang Theory, there are certain none optional social conventions that every friend you have must adhere to.

A family member dies, a friend should offer condolences
It’s your birthday, a friend should wish you happy birthday.
You say you are upset on social media, a friend should ask you why and offer words of kindness.
Thankfully I do have friends that do this, even if they are just Internet friends. It means so much that they take a moment out of their day to check I’m ok. I hope they think of me as a friend when I do the same to them.

But what if you have a “friend” who does none of these? Do you get over the fact that you are hurt by them not acting as they should and doing these things and just carry on or do you realise that this “friendship” may not be worth your time, energy and emotions over?

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1 Response to Friendship is rare

  1. Tess says:

    It’s sad that the people we consider friends often run away when you need them the most I know that way too well.

    The blogger community is the best isn’t it?

    Tess xx

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