My Shoulder Angel Won


You know in tv shows, cartoons normally, when someone has a hard decision to make and they have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other and they argue over what you should do – See image above from The Simpsons that I nicked off of google images.
Well I had this happen to me on Saturday night.

So there’s this guy, the one who calls my breasts the best in the world, I’ve been talking to him on twitter for ages and snapchatting him. After a while it did become sexual and we have been sexting every now and again.
We swapped numbers and have been whatsapping too, this was all fine until he tells me that he has got back together with his girlfriend, we then sexted while she was apparently on the opposite sofa to him (feel free to judge me badly on this, its done now) I thought that would be it then but it wasn’t.
Talking via whatsapp one night, he told me that his girlfriend never wants to have sex with him, he said that he liked me because I want to fuck him…for who he is, I excite him so much because I am actually interested in him and its fun and easy with me, my response to that was of course its easy with me, we live miles away from each other and I don’t expect anything from him. I asked him why he was with her and he said its hard to leave when a child is involved, which I do completely understand.

My shoulder devil and shoulder angel’s argument happened because he was in Liverpool on Saturday and as my plans for the evening had been cancelled, I was free.
We texted for a bit and then he asked me if I would meet him.
I told twitter about not knowing who I should listen to, the devil in me or the angel. A couple of people told me to go with the devil as he has more fun, if only they knew what they were trying to persuade me to do.

I really wanted to meet him, so much so that I tidied my room just incase but in the end decided that it would be a bad idea. Having cheated and been cheated on in the past i just couldnt bring myself to do it, i know that no matter how crap your relationship is, cheating is not the way to make anything better.
As soon as I said that i wouldnt meet him, I did instantly regretted it, even now I still wish I had said yes and that is what essentially makes me a bad person.

I haven’t heard from him since and don’t think I will text him, it seems like the right thing to do even if it is hard as I do really like him.

If he reads this as I think he might, it was great fun talking to you and if you ever find yourself single and in Liverpool, give me a call.

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2 Responses to My Shoulder Angel Won

  1. Quandry says:

    I’m glad you feel like you made the right decision. I can imagine it wasn’t easy.

    Sad and disappointing that he just cut you off cold after you turned him down. A shame that one.

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