I have been going through a very difficult time at the moment, if I’m completely honest I have been struggling a hell of a lot to cope with this new feeling of grief, I’ve never felt this way before so don’t know how to deal with it.
What I’ve really needed was comfort from someone I felt cared about me,it’s weird that I had hoped I would get it from you even though I knew it would be way too much for me to ask for it.

So I’ve started to realise that the sadness and loneliness I feel isn’t just the grief and it isn’t actually because of you, it’s because I wanted and probably will always want more than you will ever be able to give.

It is all my fault that I feel this way, I thought i could handle it with everything else going on. I’m so disappointed in myself because I always knew what you were willing to give, Ive just always wanted more and obviously expect too much.

Something else I will have to learn to deal with all alone.

– To someone I barely know from someone barely here.

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