The Wrong Guys

Have you ever had that sudden realisation of where you have been going wrong for so many years?!

I am talking about relationships, mine in particular.

I seem to have this amazing ability to choose guys that are completely unattainable and are therefore very bad for me.

Why do I do this?

Who really knows?

Is it because I think so little of myself that I think it’s all I deserve.
I think I don’t deserve a great guy who cares so much about me, who treats me with respect, who can think of no other girl but me, who loves me for what I am.
I don’t even love me for who I am, how can I expect anyone else to? I am trying though.

Hobbit Boy is a perfect example of this, he emailed me over the weekend and since then I can’t stop thinking about him, working back in my home town this week is not helping with this, especially as I don’t know exactly where he lives so I may knock on his house or one of his friends houses and that does actually scare me. Why he even messaged me in the first place is still unknown. Why I still let him get to me is also unknown.

The Tripod and Hot Work Guy are other great examples of guys that I wanted so much but knew I would never be able to get.

You know what I have come to realise during the whole new “self love/self appreciation” thing I’ve started.

I deserve so much better!

I deserve a guy who wants to want me, who appreciates what he has.
I deserve a guy who wants me as much as I want him.

He is out there somewhere and I will find this guy one day,

Until then, Is it wrong that I still want to try and have as much fun with the wrong guys as possible?
Whether I can do it and not get hurt is a completely different issue.

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2 Responses to The Wrong Guys

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    I hope you find the right guy soon, that way you don’t have to keep dealing with the wrong ones.

  2. Quandry says:

    Have fun, stay safe and experience the things you want in life; sexual and otherwise.

    The right guy will come along when the time is right. And he’ll be a lucky guy when does.

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