I’d take the dog

So reading Charlie Powell’s blog post Dogs and Babies got me thinking about something.
In it she expresses the view that women being honest about their want for children can be seen as a big problem, mainly for men it seems.
I admit that when it comes to Internet dating filling in the box about children can be a difficult thing, especially if you do actually crave having a kid and don’t want to potentially “scare” off men because many might assume you would happily be inpregnated by any random man, which is obviously not the case.

When I was younger I always assumed I would have kids, as I have got older my desire for them has decreased to the point of the thought of having kids actually terrifies me.

Being a women who admits to wanting kids is one thing but being a women who admits to never wanting them is another.

I think women are judged a hell of a lot more when they admit to not wanting kids. Something I have personal experience with.

How can a women not feel broody and maternal? What is wrong with them?
People always look at me as if I’m lying to them and myself. The amount of times I have been given the pity look and told that I just need to meet “the right man” then ill change my mind is actually ridiculous. How dare anyone say this to me? It is my choice, having “the right man” has absolutely nothing to do with it.
Why do the majority of men never get this? Whether they choose to have kids or not, nobody ever seems to really question it. When it comes to women it is always something that comes up.

You have the desire to have kids, don’t be ashamed, it is your choice.
You have the desire to never have kids, don’t be ashamed, it is your choice.
You decide to change your mind at some point in your life, that is your choice and its no one else’s business.

Personally right now and for the foreseeable future, I would definitely prefer a dog or a cat.

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