The Bastard Returns

*The first part of this blog post was written nearly two years ago.*

Recently I have experienced my first internet troll. My mums ex boyfriend!

He started following me on twitter a couple of months ago and I didn’t get a notification for it so didn’t notice till he actually sent me a tweet.
When I asked him how he found me on twitter, He said he just stumbled across me, which can’t really happen as yes we do follow some of the same people (Moto GP riders mainly) but unless he went through their followers he couldn’t just stumble across me, that means he actively searched for me!
Initially it really freaked me out and confused me. The way things ended between him and my mum, which did involve me, as I was living with them at the time, did not end well.
Their relationship ended three years ago, all I’m thinking is why the hell has this guy come back into my life after all the shit he gave me and my mum. I know the end of their relationship wasnt all his fault, my mum is no angel but what he did at the end was just disgusting, the lowest of the low.

He started replying to about 80% of my tweets, some relating to the time when I was 18 and stole some money from him (He had a large bottle of change in my mums room and I would dip into it from time to time, for bus fair etc, I know I shouldn’t of done it but still it’s not like I stole hundreds of pounds even though i ended up paying him back about £200 because that’s what he swore I took, my mum and I both disagree with this figure)
The majority of the other tweets he sent me were about my mum, mainly him talking shit about her like saying I shouldn’t end up a piss head like her (which she isn’t) etc.
Then started the attempt at emotional blackmail, which is what he also did to my mum when she decided to end things with him. He told her if she didn’t stay with him he was going to kill himself, who the fuck says something like that?!

Anyway he was a total dick, oh and also got rid of our dog, without me knowing so I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

The daily snide comments were really starting to piss me off and yet I didn’t block him, which I know I should of done. Basically I felt sorry for him, still pining after my mum, when I know for a fact she will never go back to him, I would disown her if she did.
I thought to myself if I get one more tweet from him, I will block him. I have TwitFollow and I looked at it today and noticed he had unfollowed me, I thanked The Lord I don’t believe in.

If I ever get word from him again, he will be blocked, deleted and sent back to the pit he belongs in.

*The following was written today*

He may have unfollowed me but that didn’t stop him still tweeting abuse at me, I couldn’t just sit there and take it so I got on the defensive and basically ended up telling him to go die in a hole. It sounds so harsh but I really wish he had. After this I reported him for abuse and blocked him. Eventually I created a new “anonymous” account and thought that was the end of it.

Sadly it wasn’t because yesterday, the day my grandad dies, I get a message from him, saying he’s sorry for my loss, to send my nan his regards, he hopes my mum is ok and that my grandad was a gentleman.

It probably seems so petty from the outside but this message made me absolutely furious, how dare he message me after what he put my mum through, me and my family do not need sympathy from someone like him and if he thinks I’m telling my mum he’s contacted me when her dad has just died he’s crazier than i thought. More importantly how the fuck did he find me!!
My twitter account is meant to be anonymous, I know I’m a little slack with it sometimes but my real name has never been put on there or a picture of my whole face, so how did he find me!
I may not have been very gracious in my reply, I asked him how he found me and said that yes my grandad was a gentleman something he would never be.
He hasn’t replied to this and has deleted the tweet he sent me.

Before posting this, I have blocked him and locked my twitter account, he would of already seen that I have a blog though so who knows if he is reading this. If he is then I have something to say.

Bob, thanks for your message but no thanks, I do not need sympathy from someone like you. Now kindly fuck off and never contact me or any member of my family ever again!

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