Selfish Sexting

Most guys you meet online (I am generalising I know but I’m just comparing all the guys I’ve met online) either they eventually ask you to send them a picture of your boobs or they send you a dick pic, usually this is unwarranted.
But what if you have responded to these requests, does that make you less of a person? No.
My relationship with HB was mainly texting and sexting, do I regret it? Yes. But only because it hurt me and I feel that I was used by him. At the time I couldn’t see what the “relationship” actually was, me pandering to what ever he wanted, even if it made me uncomfortable at the time, I just wanted him to want me, I would of done anything for it to happen, even lose my self respect. He knew I would do anything for him and he abused the power he had over me. This was him sexting selfishly.


Recently I’ve been flirting with a guy from twitter via snap chat, I don’t have a name for him yet. It all started with a comment he made on a picture I took when I cut about 3 inches off my hair, of course his comments were about my boobs. Earlier that day I had tweeted that I had to take the most uncomfortable bra in the world off, then I cut my hair and posted a before and after pic, he commented that it didn’t look like I had taken the bra off at all, I replied that no bra was worn in the taking of the pictures, he then replied something like I had the most wonderful breasts. That is how our snap chat flirting started.
Today it escalated to something more than just plain flirting, I won’t describe it in detail but certain body parts were being touched in the snap chats we were sending. It made me quite late for work.

I’ve thought to myself throughout the day, do I regret doing and sending what I did? No.

Am I ashamed of it? No.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Am I annoyed that he took screenshots? Yes!!

I know that one of the main reasons I enjoyed it is because I don’t get any male attention at the moment, HWG is a no go, there is no one else I even remotely fancy and I have self esteem issues. This might make me seem very pathetic to some people but a nice guy telling me I have great tits really does cheers me up. I know that is a very selfish, shallow, sad statement to make but I’m just telling the truth.
The fact that I know this flirting can’t go anywhere as we live very far away from each other kind of makes it better, it means I get the self validation I need with none of the hassle and none of the heartbreak. This is me sexting (snapchating) selfishly.

What could possibly go wrong?

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1 Response to Selfish Sexting

  1. Quandry says:

    All seems harmless enough to me, as long as you or no one else gets hurt..
    Maybe that’s me being selfish or irresponsible, but it’s how I tend to look at things these days.
    Do what makes you feel good.

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