Deleting Facebook

Facebook is where you lie to everyone you know about how happy you are.

Even though I know this is true, the fact that my facebook feed is filled with happy couples celebrating their engagement, their anniversary, their first born child, their child’s birthday, that they now have a dog, really doesn’t help me.
Everytime I log onto facebook I can’t help but feel that I am a failure at life.
On the outside my life is ok, I have a job that I like, I work with people that I love, I have great friends around me and I live in an ace city. That doesn’t stop my brain from working overtime in telling me that my life is shit.
The main thing that my brain tells me that is wrong is the fact that I am 26 and I have been single for 6 years.
I know loads of fabulous single ladies and men mainly via twitter, they’ve got to have felt the same as me in the past.
We all put on a front we are happy to to be single but I bet 90% of them would say they would rather spend a Sunday lazing around with their significant other, maybe going out for a pub lunch or a walk rather than spending it all alone, most likely hungover with no one to bring them a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.
The thing is I wouldn’t mind being single if I was dating, actually trying to find a guy but to be honest I can’t be bothered with dating websites anymore, I’ve hardly ever made it to the first date with a guy let alone anything after that.
My team leader at work was telling me and Funny Work Guy that you have up stop looking for love and it will find you, that happened for her and her wife, that has now happened for Funny Work Guy too.
Where am I going wrong?
I have stopped looking and still he’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe I am destined to fulfill my role of being a crazy cat lady but even that I would fail at because I’m not allowed any animals in my flat.
I am not the sort of women who is looking for a husband and who is obsessed with getting married and having kids, I’m not that bothered by either of these things. I just want to be wanted. I want a guy to like me as much as I like him, I’m fed up of fancying guys who have no interest in me at all.
Where is he?

The fact that all this has been going round me head the past few days has lead me to the conclusion that I should delete Facebook from my phone. I have quite an unhealthy relationship with it, I have a huge fear of missing out and an issue with self punishment.
I haven’t made a big announcement about me deleting it on there, I don’t see the point that would just be trying to make a big drama over it. I have kept the messenger so friends that I only speak to on there can still contact me.

I know that by deleting Facebook I won’t suddenly become happy but it should hopefully stop me obsessing over other people’s lives and how great they seem compared to mine.
Wish me luck.

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10 Responses to Deleting Facebook

  1. I have no words to offer to help you, because I’ve frequently felt this way myself but couldn’t read and not say something. Sending you a big hug. x

  2. mgambu1 says:

    I’ve often considered deleting my Facebook too. I see a lot of insincerity there, and I feel narcissistic posting certain updates. I don’t know. I think Facebook is about sharing, but I think a lot of people use it for gloating. Or to your point, deceiving. I guess the reason I don’t do it is because it keeps me connected to people who aren’t near me from a geographic perspective. I’d be missing out. Or I’d be insulting a lot of people. It’s an interesting conundrum.

    Anyways, you seem to be very intelligent. That’s an attractive quality to have as a single dame.

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you very much. Nice to know as a single dame I at least have my intelligence 😃

      I have kept the Facebook messenger, i have certain friends I only speak to on Facebook because they live so far away. I would hate it if I lost touch with them just because I didn’t use Facebook as much.

  3. tattooedbook says:

    I’ve never minded FB, mostly because I am too old to judge my life based on other peoples fakery. You’re far too young to be worrying about being lonely, you should be having a ball in an amazing city and kissing unsuitable boys all the time

  4. Kate says:

    Is there an e-mail i could contact you on? I really want to help you with how you’re feeling, i’m a qualified counsellor and i have knowledge of this kind of situation but i would rather talk to you as a friend.

    Kate x

  5. I know how you feel!

    I wrote similarly on this

    Faceblues: Social media and depression (ReBlog) | For the love of Sundays

    I’m battling with twitter right now self promotion versus talking in to nothing? Stick between a rock and a hard place for a blogger.


    • Charlie says:

      Twitter doesn’t bother me, it’s the only other place apart from this blog that I am 100% honest about how I am feeling. I follow and am followed by some amazing people that are a great support to me when I am feeling particularly low

  6. You just need to concentrate on yourself, no ones life is as perfect as they try to make It out to be! Everyone’s in the same boat in one way or another. Xx p.s. You can try to delete facebook but we all know (those of us that have tried) it’s like an addiction and you’re back in within 48 hours at the most. Good luck 😉

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