What we are left with

Ive read a couple of blog posts and had a few twitter conversations about the things that us women keep from past relationships like letters, cards, ticket stubs etc. I have a box of these things, sadly it hasn’t actually been added to since The Ex but it got me thinking about the other things we keep in our lives because of the guys we have been with.
We might not have physical evidence (that sounds a bit wrong, doesn’t it?) of our relationships but the guys in your life will introduce you to certain things, be it a certain band, film or book, that will eventually become one of your favourite things.
Sometimes this can be a bad thing, my first ever serious boyfriend, We will call him RoboCop (it’s a long story) We use to listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers together and when we split up I couldn’t listen to Under The Bridge for a couple of years without thinking of him and the hurt we caused each other.
Sometimes i think it is not a bad thing though.
Hobbit Boy introduced me to The Guild and Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog, both of these I think are absolutely ace, Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog is now what I watch or listen to when I am feeling down, the fact that it has a connection with HB means nothing now that I’m over him, I just think its brilliant and it cheers me right up.
Recently Hot Work Guy has introduced me to some of the music he is into and it’s pretty good, whether it will be something in the future that causes me pain to listen to or is something I will always love is up in the air right now.

What have you been introduced to by a boyfriend/girlfriend that you now love or hate?

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