I Fancy You – Updated

If you follow me on twitter @CharlieInThe you will have seen me talk about Hot Work Guy.
Obviously he’s a guy I work with and I really REALLY like him. I’ve been agonising over if I should tell him how much I like him for over a month.
So many things have stopped me.
The fact that we work for the same company, we were on the same campaign so worked together at least once a week and it was ace, we would spend the day laughing, joking and flirting together. We are on different campaigns now, I’m moving to a new one tomorrow (or today as I’m writing this past midnight)
Gossip spreads round our company so easily it is like being back at school sometimes, so this has obviously been a big put off for me.
Also HWG is 19, I am 26. He likes to smoke weed and take other drugs, at 19 I loved to do these things too but since the time I took too much MDMA and went a bit crazy for 2 years I can’t quite bring myself to do them again. Over the Christmas holidays I did smoke a joint with my best friend T, I was very drunk and I got annoyed over how stoned and annoying I found myself being. I was always the one who you couldn’t tell of I was stoned or not before, this has obviouly changed so I just irritated myself.
Anyway, the age thing only bothers me because I worry about what other people think. HWG isn’t like the other 19 year olds I know, he has a wise head on his shoulders.
We went on a night out about a month ago and he got off with the friend of one of our colleagues, he told me that it was just because she came onto him, at one point during the evening they were necking on the sofa, the other people we were with had left to score some coke so to get away I went into the kitchen, made myself a cup of tea and read the paper! That’s how much it upset me because I was going to tell him that night that I liked him.

When i knew he was moving onto a different campaign and I knew we wouldn’t be working together let alone see each other for a while, I messaged him saying if he ever fancied going for a pint sometime to let me know. He replied saying he might take me up on that offer at some pint.

Last Saturday I was bored, alone and drinking at home. I saw that HWG was online on FB, this is how we communicate as he never has credit on his phone. I sent him a message telling him that I hoped it didn’t make things awkward between us but I really fancied him.
His response was “yeah, whatever” He thought something “fishy” was going on, his words. Because it was late at night and so out of the blue.
The next morning I told him I wasn’t joking, I was a bit embarrassed that i had told him but I meant it. It hasn’t been mentioned since.
We have talked via FB again, mainly about the fact that both of us are on our second disciplinary at work but what I said hasn’t been mentioned.
I don’t know what to do. It annoys me that he is basically ignoring what I said, I just don’t know if I should bring it up again. I haven’t spoken to him face to face yet as we don’t work on the same teams anymore.
I need advice, do I take him ignoring what I said as him not fancying me back? Does he think I didn’t mean it? Should I tell him again?

Update – I spent last night talking to HWG about that fact that he resigned from the company we work for yesterday. I’m going to need a new name for him I think. Any way at the end of the conversation I said
“As we definitely won’t be working together again, if you ever fancy meeting for a drink let me know”
His response was ” I most certainly will do”

So I think I’m just going to wait a little bit to see if he does actually ask me out for a drink, if not then I dunno.

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9 Responses to I Fancy You – Updated

  1. I have liked this because I have no advice to give on what you should do. You were brave to tell him though x

  2. Soupy says:

    Do you really want to be with someone who is so immature that he just completely side sweeps what you said and doesn’t mention it again? What I’ve learnt about guys is that if they like you, they’ll reciprocate. If they don’t, it’s no judgment on you (not everybody fancies everybody else and that’s just that) but how they handle it gives you a huge window into the type of person they are. A decent guy worth being mildly disappointed about would bother to thank you for flattering them but kindly explain that they just want to be mates. HWG has left you hanging and wondering. I think you had a lucky escape that he isn’t interested because he isn’t worth the heartache.

    • Charlie says:

      I understand what you are saying and this will sound like I’m making excuses for him, I’m not. But he is going to be slightly immature, he’s 19 and he thinks I was taking the piss, I think he still does.
      I am also being immature at the fact that I’m not just asking him out right if he fancies me.
      I do just need to get over him but the thing is I don’t want to, he’s such a great guy and I’m such a fool ūüėÉ

  3. Chelle says:

    Ask if you could meet up sometime maybe? Why are you a fool? You let him know how you feel and got a weight lifted off your shoulder. Do you guys joke around a lot? Could be why he isn’t taking you seriously.

    • Charlie says:

      We do joke around a lot but i did tell him i wasn’t joking. Maybe he didn’t believe me.
      I’ve asked him if he ever fancies going for a drink and he said ” I most certainly will do”
      I’m just going to wait (not forever obviously) and see if he does.

  4. Style. Universe. Everything. says:

    It sounds like you can do better.

  5. gina says:

    he sounds like a bit of a douche!!!! dont waste your time on him.. and stay away from the drugs and the people that do them,… you can do much better http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11875549

  6. Quandry says:

    Hell I’m 37, but I was 19 once too and for a whole year. (albeit sometime I ago, but believe me it feels only 5mins ago…I digress)

    I’m sure he seems like a great guy, but that’s just not how you treat someone you give a shit about. At best he would probably have been a “one nighter” and I’d guess a selfish lover?! Certainly not a generous one.

    You’re no Fool! You took the risk and put yourself on the line, twice. Don’t belittle yourself for taking a chance, you should be proud of yourself imo.

    Keep’em coming. I’m loving your work.

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