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When I was a kid and a teenager I was always very creative and arty, always drawing or painting. I was never particularly good at it but i really enjoyed it. Then along came boys, drugs and alcohol and somewhere along the way I lost all creative inspiration. I think it was when I went “crazy” but thats a story for another time.

Ive seen loads of people blog, tweet or instagram about Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal and I thought this was the perfect thing for me to try and get the creative juices flowing again because the initial idea is already there for you.

As you can see the instructions are fairly straight forward.

wreckthisjournal 002

I have only filled in two pages so far, it seems I still need a push to be able to be creative. I am quite pleased with myself that I managed to get a Firefly reference on to one of the pages.

wreckthisjournal 003wreckthisjournal 004

So do you have a Wreck This Journal? How are you getting along with it? I would love to see what other people have done with it, I need more inspiration.


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