The Weekly Geek – What being a Geek means to me


Some one on twitter asked me about last weeks Weekly Geek post on World Book Day How are books geeky? If you love them as much as I do then its geeky!
I wanted to explain to you what being a geek means to me. Some people might completely agree with me, others may not.

My theory is that you can be geeky about anything, being geeky about something to me means that you have a unwavering passion about something.

You can be a Book Geek, a Film Geek, a Car Geek, a Science Geek, a Fashion Geek, a Gamer Geek, Anything! Why let society and the outdated image of geek define what you like? In the past I’ve had a friend tell me I can’t be a geek because I don’t know anything about computers, whereas he knows a lot about computers and nothing about science fiction, something that seems to optimise the geek culture. Not all geeks look like this!


Anyway I think the legend that is Wil Wheaton ( I only watched Star Trek Next Generation as a kid because I had a crush on Wesley Crusher) puts it more eloquently here!

So that’s my theory, do you agree with me?

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2 Responses to The Weekly Geek – What being a Geek means to me

  1. Bueno Beauty says:

    I’m definitely a beauty geek so thanks for empowering as the chic geeks out there :-))

  2. Nichole says:

    I like your definition of geeky! We’re definietly all geeky in our own way! ūüôā came across this post through Jenny’s blog and the Sunday funday challenge!

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