The Weekly Geek – World Book Day

World Book Day

Hello and Welcome to my first The Weekly Geek post.

I was going to write about what being a geek means to me but as its World Book Day how could I not write about my greatest love, Books!

I’m not really sure when my love affair with books started, I don’t really remember being read to very much as a child and neither of my parent’s are big readers, my mum has about 5 books and really doesn’t understand why I like them so much. I have always wanted a library like the one in Bedknobs and Broomsticks with a ladder that can swing around the whole room.. I think books are the best kind of escapism there is, books have got me through some very difficult times, its just so easy to pick up a book and slip into another world and be someone else for a while.

Now I’m going to tell you my top 5 favourite books, which was actually very difficult to decide.

'48 James Herbert

’48 By James Herbert – This book is an alternative history/horror novel, it follows American Pilot, Hoke, who has been stranded in a dystopian London after Hitler uses a biological weapon that wipes out the human race with Blood Death apart from people with the AB blood type and some who suffer the Slow Death. It is just a brilliant book, I think if it was done right it could be a brilliant film, the whole opening scene when we first meet Hoke would be quite epic on the big screen.

The Cather In the Rye

The Catcher In The Rye By J.D. Salinger – In this book we follow teenager Holden Caulfield as he is expelled from school then spends 3 days in New York before he can return home to his parents. The typical book that is filled with teenage angst that I think every one should read when they are going through their rebellious stage as a teenager. Apparently a lot of people that have read the book find the central character Holden Caulfield, to be a self obsessed character who is too whiny, I think that perfectly describes the majority of teenagers.

uncle oswald

My Uncle Oswald By Roald Dahl – In this book, Oswald discovers the worlds most powerful aphrodisiac, places it inside chocolate truffles and with the help of Yasmin, his female accomplice, seduces the worlds most famous men with the intent of selling their semen to women who want to be impregnated by them. The Famous men include the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, James Joyce, Albert Enstien to name a few. This is a brilliant adult novel by Roald Dahl, very much removed from the stories of his I read as a child but still has his unique and funny style of writing

making history

Making History By Stephen Fry – This book involves the creation of an alternative historical time-line, one where Hitler never existed. It follows Michael Young, a history student who meets Professor Leo Zimmerman, the son of a Doctor at Auschwitz, together they modify a machine so they can send a permanent male contraceptive pill and place it in a well that Hitler’s father will drink from, become infertile and therefore Hitler will never be born. The consequences being that Michael wakes up in the USA, in a completely different and not necessarily better world. A completely fascinating book, Stephen Fry’s humour and intelligence really shines through in this book.

prisoner of azkaban

The Harry Potter Series – I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what these books are about. I know there are some people that just don’t understand the appeal of these books and wonder why grown ups love them so much. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stones came out when I was 10, the same age as Harry at the start of the books, I grew up with these books and the characters, they are apart of my life, something that definitely makes me sound like such a book geek but that’s me. I reread all the books in order every year and Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favourite of the whole series, The Goblet of Fire being the second.

So there we have it, my 5 favourite books/book series, I highly recommend all of them, have you read them?

Have you enjoyed them as much as I have?

What are your 5 favourite books? I would love some new book recommendations.

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14 Responses to The Weekly Geek – World Book Day

  1. Mia says:

    I love recommending books almost as much as I love reading them, I would definitely recommend Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams & The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, they are so good! And I’ve been wanting to read Making History for ages I’ll have to invest!

    • Charlie says:

      Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is my number 6! Brilliant book! I’ve not heard of the other two but will check them out, I love getting book recommendations. You should definitely give Making History a read too.

  2. Bekka says:

    Fangirl, The Mara Dyer series and The Fault In Our Stars are my favourite books at the moment! I definitely recommend them if you haven’t read them already!

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  4. Quandry says:

    John Connolly – (any of the Charlie Parker series tbh) but my fav is probably gotta be “Dark Hollow” as it was my first.
    Jack Higgins – Solo (I just like how the man writes)
    Alice Seabold – The Lovely Bones (hell, you’ve probably read that one anyway.)
    Wilbur Smith – When the Lion Feeds (my first grown up book I ever read, one day I might tell you about my experience reading it and why led to it)

    I know this last bit is cheating but sod it.
    Finally:- Robin Hobb – all three of the Farseer Trilogy (love they way hear are written too)

  5. Most of the blogs online are pretty much the same but i think you have a unique blog. Bravo !

  6. Chris says:

    I’ve not read any of Roald Dahl’s adult books, this one sounds intriguing. I have not long started on the Harry Potter books as I have not read them before.

    Sadly I am not widely read. I have always struggled to read, but when I can I really enjoy it. Below are a few books that I have read recently that I have liked.

    And then there were none by Agatha Christie
    The first ‘novel’ I read in one day. OK, it’s a short one, but a fantastic example of the crime genre with no guff. And has my favourite reveal of any whodunit.

    Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss
    My god. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so enjoyable before. Just, take a read of it. Please. Also, there’s two sequels to read if you do enjoy it.

    Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
    Crime book, written in the first person. I’ve never read any tough / moody detective type books before not have I had much interest. But as I am a fan of Warren Ellis’ comics books, I thought I’d give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed.

    The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
    This is incredible. A collection of short Sci-Fi stories from 1951. How Ray Bradbury had the imagination to come up with all this and more. Stories that stand out for me are The City, Kaleidoscope and Marionettes Inc.

    Wilma Tenderfoot series by Emma Kennedy
    I have only read three of four, but these are delightful children books that I think adults can read and enjoy.

    Amongst others on the pile to be read: Two Patrick Ness books, Carry On Jeeves, The Guest Cat, H is for Hawk, The Red House Mystery. Well, quite a lot on the pile.

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks. Ill definitely check some of these out. 😃
      You have never read the Harry Potter books before?! Hope you like them, i reread them every year.

      • Chris says:

        No, this is the first time I have read them. Still on the first one at the moment. Sadly, as I have seen the films before, I am hearing the voices of Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith et al in my head whilst reading.

      • Charlie says:

        There is a line in the last book that Snape says and I could just hear Alan Rickman say it in my head and I was so upset when they didn’t include it in the film. The books start to improve once you are on the third one.

  7. Chris says:

    The third one was my favourite film. Lots of David Thewlis in that one.

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