My day of drama

What a day I have had, let me tell you all about it.

Got up at about 11am, went for a walk and a cigarette, got back home, made a cup of tea then the intercom phone rang, I pick it up and this angry female scouse voice screams “Open the door you little slut!”
Obviously I was very shocked and just put the phone down, it kept ringing for the next 3 minutes. I answer again and the girl asks for my flatmate and then proceeds to tell me that my flatmate is a horrible person and I should move out immediately!
I’ve spoken to my flatmate and it turns out the former flatmate is a smack head and she’s had to call the police on her before because she didn’t feel safe and that is why former flatmate hates her and won’t pay the money for the electricity bill that she owes. She keeps threatening her saying she will come round the flat and kick her head in or she will get one of her friends to jump her.
The police and our landlord knows what has been happening, if the crazy smack head former flatmate contacts either of us again we have to inform them, fingers crossed she leaves us alone.

So that was the first drama of the day.

After all this I head off to work,(door to door charity fundraiser by the way) meet the rest of my team at central station and we head off to Aintree. We had been working for a couple of hours when my friend A knocked on a door, a small dog came bursting out and attacked her, biting her hand, drawing blood and then went for her leg, A was screaming for the owners to help and get the dog off her, they just stood there doing nothing. A managed to get the dog off, burst out crying and started to walk away. The owners just took the dog inside, they didn’t even check if A was ok! Me and my other team mate J where absolutely fuming, J knocked on the owners door and said “Was that your dog that just attacked my friend?” The woman just said “yes, and?”
A was very shook up and thankfully only had a couple of wounds on her hands, our office said she needed to go to hospital anyway, so we all got to finish work 2 hours early and took her to the hospital. The irony of it is that seconds before the dog attacked A, me and J were talking about being bitten by small dogs.
I am still fuming that the dogs owners didn’t do anything to stop their dog attacking A, they didn’t even check to see if she was ok. It’s just so fucking irresponsible, what if it had been a child in the street? Some people piss me right off!

To top it all off, I went to tesco to get some dinner and there were loads of girls waiting outside the hotel next door, then Lawson exited the hotel and walked right past me, the girls all went crazy!

So that has been my drama filled day, it has knackered me out. I hope your day hasn’t been so crazy.

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