New Name, New City, New Me?

Following on from my So here we are post, I have decided to make a few changes to my blog. The first is changing the name, I was never happy with Unmanned Me, it was a name i thought of on a whim when I first set this up and I have been wanting to change it for a while now and I have, so welcome to the new Charlie In The Pool, because thats what I am now. I am Charlie and I am in Liverpool! I still cant believe I am actually here but then it hasn’t even been a whole week yet.

I have also decided that I am now going to have different sections to this blog, I never knew what I wanted this blog to be about when I first started, it was just a place to put my story and my random thoughts, it is still that place but now they will be placed into different categories (once I’ve figured out how to do them on here)

These sections are going to be The Boys, The City and Me.

The Boys section is pretty self explanatory really, I have already dipped my toe back into POF and its quite dire but you never know what will happen.

The City is going to be about me exploring this amazing city that I have moved to and think that everyone should visit at least once in their lives if not more.

The Me sections is basically going to be for more of my random thoughts because they have to go somewhere.

I’m looking forward to getting into blogging properly so watch this space. I hope you enjoy it as much I hope I’m going to.

My twitter has also changed to @CharlieInThe so find me on there.

Charlie x

About Charlie

On twitter as @CharlieInThe
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