So here we are.

It’s been just over 5 months since I wrote the Kept On Hold post and here I am, I’ve just had my first week of work at my new job in Liverpool and I am packing up my room in The Shire this weekend to move into my new flat in Liverpool on Monday.
Who would of thought I would actually get here? I definitely didn’t!
It’s a really odd feeling to have actually accomplished something I have wanted for so long, ever since I first visited my friend G in Liverpool 3 years ago I knew I wanted to live there but never thought I would have the guts to actually do it, especially alone. I know I have friends there, my friend G and his girlfriend have been amazing, letting me sleep on their sofa for pretty much the last 3 weeks, with my first pay cheque I’m going to take them both out for a nice meal to say thank you. I am still alone though, this is still a major change in my life that I am making all by myself (Queue me being drunk and singing along to the song, Bridget Jones style)
I have done it though and I am so happy, which is also a weird feeling. I haven’t had any really depressed moods over the past 3 weeks apart from when I’m back home in my small room in The Shire, there’s no telling if these feelings will return in full force or not at all once I’m settled, until then I am embracing it and still not embracing my packing. I really should be packing right now.

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