Depression isn’t real

Depression isn’t real, it is just really lazy people feeling a little sad and down on their lucky.

This is what I have been told many times over the past week by the manager of a company I have been offered a job with. I can tell you depression is very real!

His reasoning seems to be that just because he has always been happy go lucky that it can’t be real. Depression is real!

He thinks that just because he had the get up and go to move into a new career when he had to, people who don’t because they are depressed are just lazy. Depression is real.

He thinks that everyone with depression just self diagnoses their condition, that its not a medically proven chemical imbalance. Depression is real.

I personally have never been diagnosed with depression, I know I only have very depressive episodes that can be changed by me changing my routine and life. Like this past week, I may have had to deal with this ignorant person and had the stess of interviees etc but I also got to spend time with one of my best friends so this has actually been one of my better weeks.

The fact that this man can dismiss something so huge, that has effected me and lots of people I know so hugely just baffles me. My old manager was so badly effected by depression she tried to take her own life, one of my best friends relationships broken down after 7 years because of his depression.

Depression is real!

If you need any help with depression please visit Mind

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3 Responses to Depression isn’t real

  1. Jojo says:

    This is a really great post. I makes me so sad that people don’t understand that depression is actually an illness and something out of people’s control. We should be taught about it school because it is a real thing that people are uneducated to deal with/help people with. A really brave post. Stay strong. xxx

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks x
      I was just so shocked a guy who was interviewing me kept saying that it wasn’t real! If I hadn’t be desperate to get a job I would of reacted so much angrier, instead I just sat there, stunned.

  2. rodedun says:

    Reblogged this on Life, by rodedun. and commented:
    Lovely post on Depression, by Charlie.

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