My letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
It’s been a long time since we last spoke, about 17 years I think. I’m sorry about that but I guess we all have to grown up sometimes.
I am writing to you this year because there are certain things I really REALLY want. The big question I suppose you are going to ask yourself is have I been naughty or nice this year? Well I think that really depends on your definition of naughty and nice but if you consider the amount of shit the world has thrown at me this year. ( I know other people have had to deal with so much more but this is my letter)
I’ve had to deal with my best friend having cancer, a friend attempting to take her life, my big brother ignoring the whole family and my mum blaming herself, Hobbit Boy and dealing with my own mental health and self confidence issues.
When you put all that together and see that I can still have a smile on my face everyday, I think I’ve been very good this year.
I know asking for two million pounds and to be really good looking would be a bit too much so here is my Christmas present list for you Santa. If I could get all of them that would make you my hero.

1. A job in Liverpool

2. A flat in Liverpool

4. A laptop or iPad or both

5. A new iPhone, it doesn’t have to be the latest one, just one with a battery that lasts more that 4 hours

6. More books / graphic novels. Just view my amazon wish list for the ones I really want

7. New clothes

8. Good sex – I was just going to put sex then realised I would rather have no sex than bad sex at the moment

And finally

9. I want to be happy, pure and simple.

Charlie x

About Charlie

On twitter as @CharlieInThe
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4 Responses to My letter to Santa

  1. MorganBTWS says:

    Fab list, I’m stealing this & dedicating my post to you ūüėČ

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