Small Town Syndrome

When writing this post I realised I have already read a blog post with exactly the same title and in the spirit of the blogging community, I think you should go read Laurie‘s post also called Small Town Syndrome, you should probably check put the rest of her blog while you are there, its very good.


Since deciding to move to Liverpool I have been suffering a lot more from Small Town Syndrome
I have lived in this town since I was 11 so all my sex/dating/relationship history is here.

I work in a popular bakery (I’m sure you could guess its name) and I’m quite use to seeing people I know come into the shop but over the past week 4 guys from my past, yes 4!! have come in while I’ve been working. Talk about awkward!

First there was The Smelly Hippie – a guy I knew from school and who I cheated on The Ex with. He is the only guy I’ve had sex with that I truly regret, every time I see him I think why did I ever let you touch me?! Anyway when he came into the shop I did the adult thing and hid in the back of the shop till he left.

The second guy to come in this week was actually My First and one of Hobbit Boys best friends. We’ve never really been proper friends, we talk on facebook every few months and I randomly spent my birthday last year drinking rum in my living room with him till about 4am . I don’t know if HB has ever mentioned what happened with us to him, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I couldn’t hide from him because I didn’t notice he came in the shop till he was stood right in front of me waiting to be served. We said an awkward hello and that was it.

The third guy was Alex, a guy I hooked up with at a party when I was 17, we didn’t have sex but did spend the night attached at the lips, I was so drunk I didn’t remember his name or even what he looked like. He was pointed out to me a few days later by my friend T who kept taking the piss out of me as Alex was ginger.

The fourth guy is one who I met on POF last year. We talked for a few months but never actually met, he just stopped messaging me. I later found out he is best friends with The Facebook Flirt, who’s a guy I’ve known for years and every now and then he will send me really flirty Facebook messages even though he has a girlfriend.

It is a small world and this is a small town and it’s getting quite annoying now. I cant wait to move to a city and be a bit more anonymous and not have to deal with guys from my past coming into my work when I look like crap in my uniform.

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