When does banter become flirting?

I have a male work colleague that I get on with very well. We have great banter. We are always chatting and having a laugh, our conversations can get quite dirty sometimes, we both have that sort of sense of humour. He likes to tell me about his sex life and he’s always asking me about mine.
All my best friends are guys and I act exactly the same with them and never think of it as flirting. I know that guys and girls can just be friends without things like sex getting in the way.
Lately though I’ve been wondering how people at work view our friendship.
I can see how some people might think that we are flirting with each other, my old manager even commented on it once. Sometimes I think if I had a boyfriend that talked to a single girl how he does to me I would get slightly worried, other times I think there is no problem with how we are with each other. We have a laugh and it helps us get through crappy days at work, wheres the harm in that?
I had quite an intense sex dream about this guy (I have not told him this and never will) I think I probably could fancy him but I would never go there ever. He has a girlfriend and a little girl, I know them both. He is a brilliant dad and I think his daughter is the only child I actually like.

Is it flirting even if neither of us see it as that but other people do?
Should I feel guilty about my friendship with this guy?
Should I change the way I act with him?

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4 Responses to When does banter become flirting?

  1. supposedlytaken says:

    Hmm, it’s sometimes easier looking from the outside in, so what I try and do is put myself in the other woman’s shoes to try and work out where the line is. If you had a boyfriend would you mind him talking to another woman in the same way you’re talking to this guy at work?

    • Charlie says:

      If I knew there wasn’t anything behind it, which there isn’t in this case, I don’t think I would mind but then I don’t know what’s going on in his head. It’s a bit of an odd situation really.

      • supposedlytaken says:

        Well it should be ok then. I think you’ll know when you cross the line and what goes on in his head isn’t your concern, so don’t feel guilty for that.

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