The Tripod

I will always be one to say that size doesn’t matter, when it comes to mens penises, its what you do with it that counts.
However this is the story of The Tripod, the biggest I’ve had and the best.
When I first met him I was 16 and going to Reading festival. I fancied him straight away even though I had just started going out with The Ex.
Fast forward 8 years later and I move back to our home town.
A lot of my friends including him were still here so we started going out drinking quite regularly. On New Year’s Eve after a party at a mutual friends house, I went home with him. We watched Planet Earth on his very big tv in his very small living room and then went bed. He invited me to sleep in his bed, we talked for a while and the whole time in my head i was begging for him to kiss me or for me to pluck up the courage to kiss him, he was so close to me why didn’t I just go for it!
A few months later we are round at his flat, we played a few rounds of Ring Of Fire (a drinking game) he had to drink one dirty pint, I had to drink the other, the last thing I remember is a friend of ours coming round the flat and playing us the new album he had just recorded. Next thing I know I’m waking up in The T’s bed, naked with his arm around me. To this day I don’t know who made the first move.
We had sex in the morning, I was so drunk/hungover I barely remember it, but eventually I sobered up, he was still asleep, I was freaking out a bit, the fact I couldn’t remember how it started really bothered me. I woke him up, kissed him goodbye and went home.
The next day I text him saying that it was definitely an interesting night and if he wanted, we should hang out just the two of us again.
His reply was (what I have become very use to now but I wasn’t then) he said that I was a great girl but he wasn’t looking for a relationship or ready for one.
About 2 months later I am out drinking with my group of friends again, The T is with us. One part of the group is upstairs in the beer garden, I’m downstairs with the rest. I get myself a pint and suddenly everyone decides they are ready to go home, I go upstairs in the beer garden and The T is sat all alone, I join him and tell him that everyone else has left.
We hadnt been alone together since that night, we just chat like normal, after one more drink we eventually deciding to go home. I walked with him to his flat, meaning to keep on heading home but then he asked me up to his. After what he said to me I was just expecting to hang out, watch tv, whatever. We get up to his flat and sit talking on the sofa. He decides to show me his lasers and how he can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute. ( Have I mentioned that I like really geeky guys?)
Anyway we are chatting on the sofa and his arm has crept around my shoulders, our faces are getting closer and closer as we talk. His hand has now reached the side of my breast but he isn’t making any other kind of move to try to kiss me or anything so I think “what the hell” and kiss him. And I’m so glad I did.
I can’t quite bring myself to write what happened next in detail, I fear it may end up a bit Mills and Boon.
I was lying in his bed naked as he crawled up the bed towards me and I swear his penis was so big it was down to his knee! Its got to of been 9 inches or more. The image is engrained in my memory for ever now!
I had always heard from friends that he had a big penis and I know I had sex with him before but I was very very drunk then and couldn’t really remember it.
What followed next really was the best sex I’ve ever had. Maybe it was his big penis or maybe it was just him. I think it’s a bit of both.
He went AWOL after this, his best friends hardly ever hears from him. The last time I saw him was early this year when it snowed and I was called into work on my day off because other people couldn’t make it in and he just happened to come in.
Obviously I always wanted to hook up with him again and told him that at the time. Who knows what actually went on in his head when he told me that he didn’t want a relationship but was happy to have sex with me again.
I thought I loved him and if he suggested having sex again I would literally jump at the chance.
We had that one brilliant night though and I’m so glad we did.

Ok ladies, has your biggest been your best? Or does size really not matter?

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