Stoptober Challenge

In October I will be 26 and will have been smoking for over ten years.
For the past year or so been thinking about quiting but never got round to it and when I saw the adverts on tv for stoptober, I thought maybe its about time I actually put some effort in a quit smoking.
If you don’t know what Stoptober is, basically it’s a challenge to stop smoking for 28 days because if you can you are more likely able to stop for good.

Sadly I do still really enjoy smoking but there are many reasons why I want to quit
1 – obviously has to be for healthy reasons, my lung capacity is shockingly bad and I do get out of breath quite easily
2 – money- as I’ve trying to save money for my move, spending over £12 a week on cigarettes is a luxury I can afford to lose
3 the smell – I must absolutely reek but because of smoking I have a very poor sense of smell, I can only smelling things if they are really pungent which brings me on to
4 – the taste of food – my taste buds have been so dulled by smoking that I can only taste really sweet, really salty or really spicy food, which isn’t very good for my waist line

So as of tomorrow (October the 1st) I will no longer smoke. I’ve never actually tried to give up before and I have very little will power so this of going to be quite difficult. I don’t want to use patches or anything like that because the nicotine will still be in my system which I think will make me want a cigarettes even more.

Does anyone have any tips on how to quit without nicotine replacement therapies?

Everyone around me is very supportive and I have warned people at work that I might not be pleasant to work with for a few days.

Fingers crossed my willpower holds out. Please send happy strong thoughts and any tips you may have.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

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