50 Things I Love

To follow on from my 50 Things I can’t Stand post and to try and cheer myself up yesterday I wrote my 50 Things I Love list.

I must admit it was hard to not just list food and hot men.

  1. The colour Purple

  2. Star Wars

  3. Kittens/Puppies/ Baby animals in general

  4. Cider

  5. The seaside

  6. Zombie Horror

  7. Monty Python

  8. Jim Morrison

  9. Cheese

  10. Random acts of kindness

  11. Being surrounded by books

  12. Sunflowers

  13. Harry Potter

  14. My childhood, which might seem odd as my parents divorced when I was 8 but I did get to live in Cyprus Canada and Germany

  15. David Tennant as Doctor Who

  16. Snow, when its fresh, untouched and it sparkles

  17. Tea

  18. Garfunkel and Oats – My favourite song of their’s has to be this one

  19. Watching cookery programmes

  20. James Herbert’s ’48

  21. Cats of any kind

  22. Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – If you have never heard of it or watched it, I suggest you go do it right now!! You won’t regret it.

  23. Blue eyes

  24. Indian food

  25. Learning new things about the world

  26. ‘I have to have you now’ kind of kisses

  27. Having guys as your best friends

  28. Fireworks

  29. The Beatles

  30. Old man pubs

  31. Eating the caramel part of a twix first

  32. David Attenborough’s voice

  33. Orange Fanta

  34. Fruit Pastille lollies

  35. Looking at stars

  36. Interesting tattoos

  37. Creative people

  38. The song Lazy Girl by my friend Thom Morecroft – Listen to it and the rest of his music here

  39. Autumn

  40. Twitter

  41. Sleeping

  42. Laughing till it hurts

  43. Scottish accents

  44. Men with facial hair

  45. Black Books

  46. Sunsets

  47. Rupert Grint

  48. Guys who can play guitar

  49. Feeling nostalgic

  50. Bill Bryson books

How many of these things do you love or would some of them be on your hate list?

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2 Responses to 50 Things I Love

  1. Quandry says:

    The link to the Sing along blog thingy doesn’t work. Just thought you should know.


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