50 Things I Can’t Stand

My idea for this blog post came from reading NotSoSexInTheCity‘s blog post here, and actually she took the idea from Helllibob‘s post here.

Also I am very bored stuck at home on a friday night alone so here goes……

50 Things I Can’t Stand

  1. Bad Kisses

  2. People who are rude to waiting staff/shop assistants

  3. Wasps

  4. Racists

  5. Screaming children

  6. Olives

  7. Hayfever

  8. Charity workers who talk to you on the street

  9. People who throw rubbish out of their car windows

  10. When people cry – it makes me very uncomfortable

  11. Arrogant people

  12. People who are mean to animals

  13. Almonds

  14. People who actually say LOL – I have a friend who says it even though he knows how much I hate it

  15. Justin Bieber/One Direction crazy fan girls

  16. Coke Zero – If it actually tasted like normal coke why not just make it all zero calorie/zero sugar

  17. Clowns

  18. Being told to smile it might not happen by strangers

  19. People who try to push their religious beliefs on you

  20. Homophobes

  21. Feet when the second toe is longer than the big toe

  22. Men with pierced ears

  23. Toddlers with pierced ears

  24. Feeling lonely

  25. Boys who give you the fade out

  26. My inability to play a musical instrument

  27. Indecisive people

  28. Green peppers

  29. People who are famous for no reason

  30. Coffee

  31. Arguments

  32. Men who miss the toilet when they piss

  33. Those recorded phone calls about PPI

  34. People who call but don’t leave a message

  35. Ironing

  36. Putting the duvet cover back on the duvet

  37. Shaving my legs

  38. Raisins

  39. People who can’t accept when they are wrong

  40. When shops start playing Christmas music in November

  41. People who don’t reply to text messages until days later

  42. Early morning starts at work

  43. When its so muggy outside and there is no breeze

  44. Hangovers

  45. Text speak

  46. Music snobs

  47. Bottled Water

  48. Commuters

  49. Liars

  50. Whipped Cream

So theres mine, What are the things you cant stand?

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4 Responses to 50 Things I Can’t Stand

  1. I also hate green peppers.

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  3. Quandry says:

    Lol, I’m sure this wasn’t intended to amuse. But I can kind imagine a young lady sat writing this list out frowning at it, late one rainy evening.
    Just makes me smile is all.


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