Life Update

So Manc Boy went on holiday and I fully expected not to hear from him at all but on his first day away he text me and continued to text me all that first week. During the second week I didn’t hear from him and after 5 days I caved and text him, he replied straight away saying he was back from holiday and since then again I’ve hardly heard from him, if I text him he always replies but doesn’t continue the conversation like before.

It’s a very strange thing, I’ve never met him but I really like him and for 4 weeks we spoke pretty much every day (more than I talked to my best friends). I know it shouldn’t but it upsets me and brings out the ‘crazy girl’ side of me, like checking if he is still using Tinder, he is and even used it on holiday.
I’m wondering what exactly I’ve done wrong? What has changed? Has he met someone else? And there is something so stupid and pathetic about that. It’s been a while since any guy showed me as much interest and attention as he did, he told me he thought I was really hot and how he really wants to come visit me and how much he really wants to met me. As someone with low confidence this obviously made me feel good and that’s it, I’m hooked.
After talking up the ladies of twitter, one suggested that I actually just ask him if he still wants to meet soon, I did this on Friday, I haven’t had a reply yet. He is moving house this weekend so am I expecting too much to want a reply? We all know how stressful moving is.

On the plus side, thinking about Manc Boy has helped me get over Hobbit Boy, I haven’t really thought about him since the ‘Fuck off my cat died’ text, well apart from last night when I had a weird flashback kind of thing of when we had sex and that got me a bit depressed. He’s out of my heart if not completely out of my head.

My Liverpool fund is currently at £200, it’s not much but it’s a start. Luckily my work has been crazy busy so I’m working about 38 hours a week instead of the usual 20 so moving might happen sooner than originally thought.

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