The Exes Girlfriend

I first met my ex at school when we were 13, we went out a couple of times but it was only juvenile kiddy dating. When we were 16 we went out properly after he eventually wore me down, as I didn’t fancy him that much to begin with but he had always had a thing for me. We were together for 4 years. We had our issues which ultimately resulted in us breaking up but thats whole other messy story.
Anyway we have been apart for 5 years, he’s been with his girlfriend for 4 years.
As we went to school and college together, all of my friends are his friends and when they come to town to visit me, he comes along and vise versa.
Last time we hung out we were all reminiscing about the mischief and mayhem we got up to as teenagers, when we were going out. Two of my best friends are two of his best friends, again we all went to school together so we have inside jokes that no one else gets especially his girlfriend. A couple of weeks ago i posted a picture on Facebook of my ex and my two best friends in his bedroom from when we were 16 and none of them had facial hair, I don’t know if that can be seen as rubbing it in her face, that I knew them all long before she did.
Sometimes I wonder if she ever feels jealous or left out when we talk about old times. We do get on quite well but surely it can’t be nice having your boyfriends ex there laughing and joking about the times they were together.

Occasionally I feel guilty about being there and talking about these things but then I remember I was there first and these are my friends.
Does that make me a bad person? Should I feel guilty? Or am i just making something out of nothing?
Are you friends with your ex and their new partner?

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