Kept On Hold

It’s odd how something as normal as talking to a guy on a dating site can suddenly make you realise something about your life.

Today I realised that I have put my life on hold for the past year and a half in the hope that Hobbit Boy will suddenly fall in love with me and we can live happily ever after. (I have done this before but then it was financial issues that made me move on.)

It has stopped me doing what I really want to do, which is move out of my home town. I miss my friends who are all scattered around the country, one of them lives in Liverpool and ever since the first time I visited him there three years ago I have fallen madly in love with that city.

So that’s my plan, save a bit of money and move to Liverpool. I really have nothing keeping me here, HB is never going to love me and I need to stop hoping he will. There is just do much great stuff going on and I have great friends there.

I’ve already had a look at jobs and flats so I know what’s available out there. All I need to do is rewrite my cv, which is something I am dreading as I hate writing them and then get it out there. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I need something to focus on instead of being depressed about being lonely.

I am slightly terrified about doing something quite drastic like this but I’m so bored with my life. No one part from me can change it so here’s to changing and to new adventures!

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3 Responses to Kept On Hold

  1. MorganBTWS says:

    No, don’t be terrified. This is perfect timing! Like you said, nothing is keeping you here, this is the moment – GO FOR IT.

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