The F**k Off

So this morning in reply to a text I sent him last night about him not responding to late night texts when he’s so fond of sending them to me.

Hobbit boy messaged me “fuck off my cat just died”

This response has completely thrown me, how the hell was I suppose to know that!

But it has made me realise that he can’t actually care for me or have any feelings for me, why else would he not just tell me about his dead cat? Why include the fuck off?! Those two words have actually hit me really hard. Obviously I am very sympathetic about his dead cat, I have a cat and would be very upset if she died.

Well I have decided to do exactly what he said, I am fucking off and I’m fucking done with him.
So I replied “sorry to hear that” and then deleted his number.

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2 Responses to The F**k Off

  1. MorganBTWS says:

    Yeah, that’s unnecessarily harsh. He wouldn’t say that to you no matter what the circumstance if he was in it for you. You’ve totally read this correctly, and made the right choice. Good girl.

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