The Tale of The Hobbit Part 3

So, sex with HB…

God I wish I could say how good it was and how no guy had ever made feel that way before but sadly I can’t.

I don’t know if its because I had built it up in my head for so long and thought it was going to be epic but it wasn’t good neither was it bad, it was just meh.
I was close to having a panic attack while I waited for him to arrive, when he did arrive it was so surreal. We sat on my bed and talked for a little while then he asked me if he could kiss me. I’m not sure about other girls but I really don’t like it when guys ask if they can kiss you. We both knew why he was there and what was going to happen so just do it, there is no need to ask.

Now I have a very squeaky bed and I live in a house with very thin walls and 3 housemates so I was a little worried about us making any noise. Also my room was about 100 degrees so even if it wasn’t the best sex of my life it was definitely the sweatiest experience I’ve ever had.

HB had been out drinking with friends before he came to mine so the sex was very fumbley ( if that’s a real word) and he kept slipping out and eventually couldn’t stay hard, we ended it with me giving him a hand job and that was it, over.
I had to get up early to go to Manchester the next day so he left not very long after with the typical after sex phrase “I’ll call you” He didn’t until I text him 3 days later asking how his weekend was, I got a one sentence reply and then nothing else. Obviously my head was filled with the usual doubts, he found me/my body disgusting etc etc
A week or so later I thought I can’t be bothered with messing around anymore so asked him outright if he wanted to see me again, his reply was basically that he has relationship & intimacy issues and that I’m a “totally fine women” (which is just what every girl wants to hear) and anyone would be happy to have me in their life.

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2 Responses to The Tale of The Hobbit Part 3

  1. MorganBTWS says:

    So, I’m just getting familiar with your blog here, but this guy already sounds like a complete twat. Seriously, how old is this guy? You need to ditch this one and look for a real man. Not a boy. Boys are no fun. Focus on moving on, and you’ll find there is so much more to life & love than this.

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