The Tale of The Hobbit Part 2

So the story continues.

At the start of last year I finally joined the modern world and got an iPhone. A friend had told me all about how he met his girlfriend on POF so I thought what the hell and signed up just to see what kind of guys were out there. Who should I find? Hobbit Boy.
I had been on POF for about a month before I plucked up the courage to message him, he replied and that was it. We swapped phone numbers and texted each other constantly for about two months , there was even a little sexting. We never met up though, excuses where always made. However, that didn’t matter to me, I was hooked again, he was exactly what I was looking for, cute, funny, geeky.
Then suddenly his texts stopped, after about 2 weeks of him not replying I had been out drinking with friends and messaged him saying if he was ignoring me that’s fine I just wanted to know, I got an email saying “phones been cut off” that was it nothing else. So that was it, I kept obsessing over him, going a little crazy girl, Facebook stalking him and when ever I was drunk and feeling particularly lonely I would email him, I know like I said crazy girl!

Now we come to June this year, I had gone to visit my dad, we went out to the pub and after a few drinks he asked me “So who’s The Guy (HB)?” My dad follows me on twitter and I sometimes forget that and probably shared too much, hence this new blog.
Anyway that night I messaged HB on Facebook,(it had been about 7 months since I had last messaged him) just saying Hi and I actually got a reply by text the day after. That then led on to about 4 days of constant texting again and eventually the one thing I had wanted to happen since I was 15, we had sex…

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