The Tale of The Hobbit Part 1

People who follow me on twitter will have seen me mention Hobbit Boy quite often.
Well I feel its time to actually tell the whole story, which actually started 10 years ago in 2003.
I was 15 when I first met HB, I actually still have the diary I wrote at the time so I could tell you the exact date I first met him but I won’t. At the time he was just a friend of a friend who I thought was cute.
A few months after that first meeting, me and my friends went to our first “grown up party” (read; first party with no parents, lots of alcohol and weed!)
This party changed my life for many reasons. I had my first sexual experience with HB at this party.
It’s embarrassing to type it out now but he went down on me in the bathroom then he asked me to give him a blow job and I ran away.
This is going to make me sound awful and don’t judge me, I was a stupid 15 year old but after HB left the party I ended up losing my virginity to one of his (still) best friends even though I actually had a boyfriend.
I was smitten with HB after that though and again this embarrasses me but I spent the next couple of months telling him and his friends I wanted to go out with him, while trying to get my boyfriend to forgive me and go back out with me, which he did for about 3 months (That’s another story)
Then in 2004 I started going out with The Ex (Again another story) and for 4 years HB is forgotten about till I’m single again and move back to our home town…

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  1. So I kinda wanna get into blogging. I was wondering where can I make a blog where people might actually read it?.

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