Room With A View – #SinfulSunday

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and thought this would be perfect for a Sinful Sunday picture? 

Well that happened to me this week and this is the end result. 

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Progress – #SinfulSunday 

As soon as the email for this months prompt dropped into my inbox I knew exactly what picture I wanted to reshoot, This Is Me

Here is the original image

That picture and sharing it means so much to me, I would not change anything about why I posted it or any of the positive (and negative) comments I received about it. 

The reason behind me wanting to reshoot this image is simple, progress! 

It has been 19 months since that original picture was taken and so much has changed with me, geographically, physically, mentally. 

The majority of this change has happened to me with the past 4 months. I moved to Australia, I started working out. (I have lost 8.1kg /17lbs in 8 weeks) I have removed people from my life that were very damaging to my mental health and self esteem and have embraced people who know the true meaning of kindness and friendship. I now know that I can really achieve anything when I set my mind to it. 

When I leave this town in the middle of nowhere in a weeks time a completely different person to the lost broken girl who arrived here three months ago will be getting on that bus. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. 

Who would of thought living in the Australian outback would turn me into a whole new person, a better person, a happy confident person. 

This is me…now! 

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Third Birthday – #SinfulSunday

Today is this blogs third birthday so thought I would celebrate with a sinful Sunday.

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Always Wear Sunscreen – #SinfulSunday 

Even though I followed the instructions of the Baz Lurhmann song and wore sunscreen, spending the day yesterday in and out of a lagoon in the Aussie sun has meant I am now a lovely shade of sunburnt pink. Today I will mostly be slathering myself in aftersun lotion.

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Perfect Fit – #SinfulSunday

Bra shopping is always such a pain in the ass. First you have to find a style and colour that you like and then see if it’s available in your size. You then go try it on and it’s just horrendous. 

I recently had the joy of trying to find a new bra for Australia. I have always worn padded bras, mainly for comfort as my 36E breasts don’t really need extra padding! 

But I was struggling to find one that I liked and that fitted well. I took pictures as I tried each bra on and sent them to a very special friend, of course he liked them all, but I didn’t. 

Then this wicked blue number caught my eye, as it wasn’t padded I was sceptical about how it would fit and feel. Much to my joy it was a perfect fit.

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Purple Rain – #SinfulSunday

Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing

It’s time we all reach out for something new 

That means you too 

You say you want a leader 

But you can’t seem to make up your mind 

I think you better close it 

And let me guide you to the purple rain 

I only want to see you, only want to see you 

In the purple rain

– Purple Rain by Prince


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Milestones – #WickedWednesday 

The prompt for this week’s 200th Wicked Wednesday is The Best. 

Now I’ve already written about the best blog posts of 2015 (including a section on what I think were the best WickedWednesday posts of last year) 

I also included a few of what I think are my best posts so it doesn’t seem right to go over all of that again. One thing I have noticed is that a few of the best posts I think I’ve written have been created when the days have been so dark and have been feeling at my lowest.

That brings me on to what this post is going to be about. As this is a milestone in the history of the Wicked Wednesday meme it seems slightly appropriate to write about my personal milestones.

I have had over 61,000 blog views.

This is my 218th post.

This is only the 6th time I’ve participated in Wicked Wednesday!!

In 4 weeks (this post was originally started on Wednesday) I will be quitting my job.

In 8 weeks I will be catching a plane to Australia for at least a year (who knows how long I will actually stay away for). 

It has been 375 days since I wrote this #sinfulsunday post.

That post was a massive thing for me to do at the time and some of the backlash from it really effected me. I tweeted about it earlier in the week and me doing that inspired this post by Cherry Tart Blog.

I’ve always wanted to do a year on post, a “This Is Me Now” kind of thing but as the 1st anniversary of this post drew ever closer I didn’t see the point in it as physically nothing has really changed. Yes I have been eating healthier, I have been running, if quite intermittently, I have lost just under a stone in three months (which really isn’t much, actually I think it’s pretty shit but slow weight loss is meant to be more maintainable so go me!)
My body may not have changed but my mind set sure has. I don’t hate myself half as much as I use to and that I think is the biggest milestone I will ever reach. The changes in my thought processes has been helped massively by the sex blogging community (and a very special friend who loves me just the way I am and tell me so pretty much everyday). Don’t get me wrong I still have down days and dark day but they haven’t been nearly as bad or as frequent as they use to be.

I’m going to use this milestone Wicked Wednesday week to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you especially Rebel and Molly (who hosts my other favourite meme #SinfulSunday) You two keep this community alive and together. For that I am forever grateful.

You will never truly know how much you have all helped me and when I’m in Australia I may not be here anymore but you will always be with me in my heart and being the positive voices in my head.

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